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Christmas - not always the most wonderful time of year...

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Christmas holidays are, for many, a time filled with joy and festivities, food, parties, friends, family... However, it can also be a difficult time for some. Whether this is due to memories from the past or to difficult life circumstances in the here and now, Christmas can sometimes trigger difficult feelings.

The expectations placed on us during the Christmas period can leave us feeling like we don't have the right to experience difficult feelings. Though it is absolutely ok to not be ok, even at Christmas... after all, we are all human.

So, if you are finding Christmas difficult, try to take some time for yourself, regroup, do something you enjoy, pause and, if you can, try to remember that it will pass (though at times it feels like it never will). Hold on, just a little longer. Tomorrow might feel just a tiny bit different.

If you are someone who loves Christmas and all the festivities, try to remember that not everyone around you will be feeling the same. Take some time, if you can, to pause and have a conversation with your friends, family, colleagues. Sometimes, a "hey, how are you feeling?" can be all that's needed to start a conversation for someone who might be struggling.

Whether you are in a good place or in need of some support, just try to reach out. Start a conversation, spend time together in silence, just try to be there. Small acts can save lives.

  • If you or someone you know needs urgent support, click here to visit the NHS website.

  • You can also access support 24/7 by texting SHOUT to 85258 - click here for more information.

Image credit: Mental Health Foundation

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