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Improve employee wellbeing

Poor mental health remains one of the leading causes for lost working time across the UK. A recent report revealed that poor mental health accounted for 19% of all lost working time across the country. This is the case in nearly every industry, with mental health absences averaging at least three times longer than for Covid-related reasons.

Safeguarding the mental health and wellbeing of employees should be paramount to all businesses and organisations as this has direct consequences on business performance and employee retention.

We offer a range of services to help organisations perform their best by providing tools for greater resilience and more effective wellbeing and mental health strategies in the workplace.

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We can offer consultancy services to companies and organisations to explore any mental health training needs and wellbeing strategies.

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We offer bespoke training packages for organisations to improve staff mental health and wellbeing. 

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We can offer individual and group supervision for qualified mental health professionals and those in training as well as group supervision for organisations.

Training and Consultancy

We offer bespoke training and consultancy services to suit the needs of your organisation. We can offer training to NHS, third sector and private organisations on a range of topics. 

Training and consultancy services are usually offered by our director, Dr Anna Chiara Sicilia, who has experience in teaching and training a range of audiences. We can offer training and consultancy to small and larger teams. 

We can offer training and consultancy to professionals who are predominantly working with adults and we have specialist knowledge and experience of trauma-informed and trauma-focused approaches. 

We can support you to create safer environments for your staff and support staff wellbeing and mental health.

We would welcome a call to discuss your specific requirements and encourage you to click here to make contact with our director to discuss this further. 

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a vital aspect to our practice as clinical psychologists, regardless of our career stage. Supervision can not only provide a space to obtain advice from a more experienced psychologist or a peer, but it also offers an opportunity for reflection and for improving our clinical practice. 

At Psychology Brighton, clinical supervision is offered by our director Dr Anna Chiara Sicilia, Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Anna has specialist training in clinical supervision and is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS)'s Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS). 

Anna offers a supervisory space which is centred on your development as a clinicians and a person. She has a particular interest in how our work as practitioner psychologists can impact on us emotionally and offers a reflective space where dilemmas and emotions can hopefully be named and understood safely. 

Anna can offer supervision to individual clinicians and groups working in private practice or in the NHS. She is experienced in offering supervision to trainee and qualified mental health practitioners working with adults (18+) in a range of clinical settings. 

Get in touch to book a brief (20 minutes) telephone appointment free of change to discuss supervision options and explore if the supervision we offer is a good fit for your current needs. 

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