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TV and Media Psychology

Mental Health and Psychological Risk Management for TV, film and podcast productions

Support at every stage of the production journey

Production planning risk-assessments

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Fitness to participate assessments

Psychology assessment in a counselling room with a plant and some abstract art on the wall

Production support on location

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Post-broadcasting support

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Recent work


Dr Anna Chiara Sicilia
BSc, MSc, DClinPsy
Director Psychology Brighton LTD
BPS Chartered Psychologist

Duty of care and mental health for TV and media productions

I have completed  specialist training accredited by the British Psychological Society for Media Psychologists (An ITV and BBC Professional Development Programme for Practitioner Psychologists). I have worked for a range of TV and media productions offering mental health and psychological risk management for production teams, cast, talent and contributors.

I work with media and TV productions and can offer a range or services to support at every stage of the production process. I can assess participants fitness to participate, as well as offer ongoing support on location or off site (remotely or face to face in my clinic) to ensure a robust mental health package is in place. 

I can also offer training and consultations to production teams and crew to support mental health and wellbeing.

Why choose Psychology Brighton

Our staff are all Clinical or Counselling Psychologists registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). We have an impressive breadth of knowledge, experience and specialist training that ensures we offer the highest quality of services. 

Our consultation and support services are tailored to the specific needs of each production, supporting productions from project development through to post-broadcast. 

We can offer quick turnarounds and have specialist training to be able to work across all television genres and offer support to contributors, production teams and talent who may be at risk of exposure to difficult emotive material. 

Psychological risk assessment

We can offer psychological risk assessments and fitness to participate assessments to identify where contributors may be at risk of psychological harm when taking part in a production. This can help production companies to identify the appropriate support that can be offered to protect contributors from harm. 

We will produce a detailed report that will feed into the informed consent documentation and suggest personalised adaptations where necessary and support production teams at every step of the process. 

Production support

The journey of a production can be demanding at times. We are here to support productions from pre-production assessments through to support on location and post-broadcast. We can offer personalised services based on the unique needs of a production and offer support for contributors, talent, crew and production teams. 

We can work with both scripted and unscripted productions. Get in touch for an informal conversation with our director to discuss your needs and agree on a suitable package.

Get in touch to discuss your needs

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