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Hospital Corridors

Support for healthcare workers

Help for the helpers

Are you a qualified health professional or health professional in training?

Are you finding it difficult to get through the work day?

Are you often feeling irritable or tearful?

Do you think you may be experiencing burnout?

You are not alone. We specialise in offering therapy for healthcare workers who are experiencing their own difficulties with their mental health. Whether you are struggling with personal or work-related pressures, we are here to support you. 

Our director, Anna, is open about her own lived experience of mental health difficulties and the value that lived experience can have on her practice as a psychologist. Accessing psychological therapy as a healthcare professional can be a very beneficial process to understand ourselves better and grow in our lives and professional roles.


We hope to provide a safe and confidential therapeutic space to reflect and work through the dilemmas and challenges of acknowledging our own diffiulties as healthcare professionals. 

Why offer personalised support for healthcare workers?

A recent study found that 45% ICU staff report symptoms of severe depression, severe anxiety or problem drinking. Healthcare workers experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at twice the rate of the general public. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed healthcare workers to working conditions that posed a significant risk of moral injury. This, combined with the narrative around NHS workers being seen as heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic, meant that for some seeking support became even harder than usual. 

Being a healthcare professional does not make us immune to being vulnerable to the challenges that life brings. There is still significant stigma surrounding healthcare workers' lived experience of mental health difficulties and this can lead to high levels of shame and can be a significant barrier in accessing support and disclosing when we are the ones needing support.

We can all face difficulties in our careers and personal lives. The ever changing nature of the NHS and fewer resources are only some of the challenges the NHS workforce are currently facing. Job roles in healthcare often expose people to higher levels of traumatic material, thus increasing the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and vicarious traumatisation. This can have a significant impact on our mental health and physical health. 

A flexible approach to suit your needs

Our online therapy service offers flexibility from the comfort of your home.

We offer short-term and longer-term support to help you move forward to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

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