Professional referral

Psychology Brighton Ltd offers psychological services for adults (18+) experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties.  If you are a clinician or another type of professional, please ensure that you have gained the client's informed consent before making this referral. We would encourage people to fill this form out with the client rather than on behalf of the client as this helps us understand the client's perspective on their difficulties. 

If you are supporting someone experiencing more severe difficulties or if there are any active risks (e.g. active suicidality) we would recommend that you contact the person's GP or local NHS mental health services so that they can ensure that the person can get access to appropriate support. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Psychology Brighton Ltd is not a crisis service and we are therefore unable to respond to urgent requests and crisis/emergency situations. If there is a need for more urgent support, please contact the client's GP or local mental health crisis line. Further information about NHS urgent mental health support is available by clicking here.

The information you provide in this referral form will remain confidential, unless we have concerns about the client's or another person's safety.

Referrer's details (person completing the form)

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