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LGBTQI+ Therapy

Providing safe spaces to discover yourself

Our LGBTQI+ therapy service is based in Brighton & Hove and run by and for LGBTQI+ communities. With the introduction of online therapy, we are now able to offer this service in person for people living in Brighton & Hove and online for those living in other parts of the United Kingdom. 

We always aim to offer an impartial, safe and non-judgemental space to our clients facing psychological distress related to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Our psychotherapy and counselling services are tailored specifically to your needs and adapted to your wishes and preferences. Here at Psychology Brighton we understand that asking for help can be a scary step and we strive to create safe spaces for people to be able to embark in a recovery journey in the easiest possible way.

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The benefits of psychological therapy

People who identify as LGBTQI+ are more likely to experience mental health difficulties. This is usually due to the fact that people from the LGBTQI+ community still sadly experience discrimination, social isolation, rejection, bullying and harrassment and can have difficult experiences of coming out. 

All of these factors can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, difficulties with self-esteem and identify. Talking through your experiences with a qualified mental health professional can be beneficial in supporting you to manage the emotional distress you are experiencing and start the journey to improve your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Our psychologists can support you with fears about coming out, ways to deal with discrimination, relational difficulties and other issues you may be facing. 

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