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Therapy for healthcare professionals

We specialise in offering therapy for healthcare professionals who are experiencing their own difficulties with their mental health. Whether you are struggling with personal or work-related pressures, we are here to support you. 

Being a healthcare professional does not make us immune to being vulnerable to the challenges that life brings. There is still significant stigma surrounding healthcare professionals' lived experience of mental health difficulties and this can lead to high levels of shame and can be a significant barrier in accessing support and disclosing when we are the ones needing support.


Our director, Anna, is open about her own lived experience of mental health difficulties and the value that lived experience can have on her practice as a psychologist. Accessing psychological therapy as a healthcare professional can be a very beneficial process to understand ourselves better and grow in our lives and professional roles.


We hope to provide a safe and confidential therapeutic space to reflect and work through the dilemmas and challenges of acknowledging our own diffiulties as healthcare professionals. 

Get in touch now to find out more and book brief (20 minutes) telephone consultation free of charge to discuss therapy options. 

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